Coalition Documents
As the regional healthcare coalition across a 6-county region of various public agencies, health care organizations, and emergency response teams, we have centralized emergency response plans and tools as part of our information sharing goals.
Region 3 Healthcare Coalition Alliance Hazard Vulnerability Assessment 2018
The 18 counties that make up the three healthcare coalitions in Region 3 (Northeast Florida HCC, North Central Florida HCC and CHAMP) developed a Hazard Vulnerability Assessment (HVA) in 2018. This HVA identifies the hazards that have the highest impact on the regional healthcare system. This assessment of hazards and vulnerabilities to the healthcare system will be used to further develop an assessment of risk and gaps in the response capabilities of the regional healthcare system. 
Region 3 Healthcare Coalition Alliance Jurisdictional Risk Assessment 2018

Building off of the findings and hazards identified in the 2018 HVA, the Risk Assessment identifies the effects specific hazards have on regional jurisdictions and populations. The assessment further recommends mitigation strategies to lessen the effects on the healthcare delivery system in North Florida. This document, along with the HVA, is used to identify gaps and inform the Coalition’s planning, training and projections selection.
Region 3 Healthcare Coalition Alliance Preparedness Plan 2018

The Region 3 HCC Alliance Preparedness Plan has been developed to establish and describe the roles and responsibilities of the Coalition in the five mission areas of the National Preparedness Goal – Prevention, Protection, Mitigation, Response, and Recovery. This plan works in coordination with other Coalition plans, including the Strategic Plan for 2018 – 2020, which establishes the goals and objectives for each of the four ASPR defined Health Care Preparedness and Response Capabilities. Additionally, the Hazard Vulnerability Assessment (2018) and Jurisdictional Risk Assessment (2018) frame the risks the 18 county region faces. Collectively, these plans define the work of the Alliance and its member Coalitions and help to inform the training and exercise priorities and project funding processes to fill gaps in resources and supplies.
Northeast Florida Healthcare Coalition Strategic Plan

The current Strategic Plan (2018-2020) brings together the various components of the NEFLHCC’s founding tasks and efforts, the organization’s current leadership, capabilities, resources and gaps and a new Region 3 Healthcare Coalition structure to construct a vision of the next two years. This document helps to inform the Coalition’s future activities and initiatives. This plan is intended to be revised and built upon in future years, as the organization expands and matures, and the goals and objectives adapted to changing preparedness and response requirements and environments. 
Region 3 Healthcare Coalition Alliance Operations Plan 2019

The Region 3 HCC Alliance Operational Plan establishes and describes the operational and response roles and responsibilities of the Coalition and its members during all hazards events that threaten the healthcare system within the healthcare coalition boundaries.