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Real World Event After Action Template

This “Real-World” after-action report template is a modified Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program AAR template. This template was developed by the Northeast Florida Healthcare Coalition for healthcare facilities (non-hospital) to use to evaluate the effectiveness of healthcare facility Plans that have been activated as a result of a real-world event (not an exercise). The template provides direction on what should be included within each section of the document.

The template has the following sections to address:
Real World Event Overview
Analysis of Plan Activation (includes a summary of Plan performance)
Strengths and Areas for Improvement
Improvement Plan Matrix (highlights issue areas and the corrective action to be taken) 

Any questions regarding this AAR template can be directed to Eric Anderson, Sr. Planner at 904-279-0880 or

Healthcare Facility (non hospital) - After Action Report Improvement Plan Template   
(MS Word Template)
2018 Northeast Florida Healthcare Coalition’s Annual Training Summit

The Northeast Florida Healthcare Coalition is pleased to announce the 2018 Annual Training Summit. The Summit will take place on Tuesday, August 21st at the University of North Florida’s Adam W. Herbert University Center. 

We are excited to host speakers from the 2017 Las Vegas shooting at the Route 91 Harvest music festival, who will discuss the realities and misconceptions of this mass casualty incident, and on the lessons learned and applied after the incident.

Additionally, three training courses will be available for people to attend. They are: 

Below are links to presentations from our keynote speakers, Mr. Carlito Rayos and Ms. Hilary Mauch, from Las Vegas. Also are presentations from the lunch session from CMDR Aaron Otis and Ms. Beth Payne. 
 - Aaron Otis 
 - Beth Payne 
 - Carlito Rayos
​ - Hilary Mauch

CMS  Webinars & Shared Materials
1 - Inpatient Occupancies - Hazard Vulnerability Assessments
        RPA HVA Tool Guidance 2017. ver13.Final  (PDF)
        RPA HVA Tool 2017. ver13.Final (Excel file)
        YouTube Video

2 - Inpatient Occupancies - Components of a Comprehensive EPP
        Managing Resources (Word doc)
        YouTube Video

3 - Inpatient Occupancies - Full Building Evacuation and Surge Planning
        Transportation for Evacuation Survey (PDF)
        Influx _Surge Tool (Excel file)
        Evac Trans Survey Aggregate Tool (Excel file)
        YouTube Video

4 - Inpatient Occupancies - E-tags, Training and Testing
         Sample Compliance Calendar (Word doc)
        YouTube Video

A - Outpatient Occupancies - Hazard Vulnerability Assessments
        RBC Tools 52018 (PDF)
​        YouTube Video 

B - Outpatient Occupancies - Policies and Procedures
       RBC Toools 52018  (PDF)
​       YouTube Video

C - Outpatient Occupancies - Communications
        RBC Tools (PDF)
        YouTube Video

D - Outpatient Occupancies - Training and Testing
       Train and Test Tools (PDF)
        YouTube Video

***FREE Course***
Nursing Home Incident Command System (NHICS)

                                            • Wednesday, October 31, 2018 from 0900 - 1600
                                            • Student Limit: 35 Students
                                            • Location: WJCT Building
                                                             100 Festival Park Avenue
                                                             Jacksonville, FL 32202

Registration -

This is a 6-hour course that provides a working foundation of the NHICS concept. This class was developed to provide planning and response guidance to nursing homes and other long-term care facilities. It describes the nursing home incident command system, which can be used by facilities regardless of size or resident care capabilities, and is intended to assist with emergency planning and response efforts for all hazards.

The focus of the course is on organizing the nursing home team, implementing command and control measures, and decision making. The course is delivered to meet requirements from The Joint Commission. Training objectives include:

                     1) Reveal an increased awareness of the impact that the Incident Command System
                           has on healthcare facilities

                     2) Describe the relationship of ICS, NIMS, and NHICS

                     3) Understand the need for nursing home planning and the use of a standardized
                          incident management system

                     4) Understand the NHICS model and its integration into the current hospital

                     5) Prepare individual staff members for emergencies

***CEUs are available for Nursing Home Administrators who attend this course***

Questions, please contact:         Eric Anderson, Senior Regional Planner
                                                   Email: Office: (904) 279-0880 ext. 178