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Real World Event After Action Template

This “Real-World” after-action report template is a modified Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program AAR template. This template was developed by the Northeast Florida Healthcare Coalition for healthcare facilities (non-hospital) to use to evaluate the effectiveness of healthcare facility Plans that have been activated as a result of a real-world event (not an exercise). The template provides direction on what should be included within each section of the document.

The template has the following sections to address:
Real World Event Overview
Analysis of Plan Activation (includes a summary of Plan performance)
Strengths and Areas for Improvement
Improvement Plan Matrix (highlights issue areas and the corrective action to be taken)

Any questions regarding this AAR template can be directed to Eric Anderson, Sr. Planner at 904-279-0880 or

Healthcare Facility (non hospital) - After Action Report Improvement Plan Template  
(MS Word Template)
CMS Tabletop Exercises for Healthcare Facilities.

The Northeast Florida Healthcare Coalition is pleased to provide two Tabletop Exercise opportunities for member organizations who are non-hospital healthcare facilities. These Exercises are being conducted to assist member organizations in meeting new CMS rules regarding exercise participation.

This Exercise will be a hurricane scenario. While it may seem redundant to exercise a hurricane scenario post Hurricane Matthew and Hurricane Irma, this provides a great opportunity to discuss your facility's Emergency Plan, and to measure the successes and shortcomings of that Emergency Plan against implementation during these real world events. Group discussions and insights on lessons learned and lessons applied from member organizations will be a key component of this Exercise.

Participating organizations will walk away having identified strengths and areas for improvement within their Emergency Plan. Healthcare Coalition staff will provide member organizations an After-Action Report (AAR) overview and document template that can be completed by individual facilities.

There are two dates to choose from -  Tuesday, November 14 in Duval County or Tuesday, December 5 in Clay County. Please register for one date, as this is the same exercise. Use one of the links below to register for your preferred date. Seating is limited.

Final SitMan - 2017 NEFLHCC Hurricane Hanna TTX
After Action Report – Improvement Plan Form  (MS Word Doc)

Tuesday, November 14, 2017
9:00 a.m.
Duval County Department of Health
900 University Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL
Register Here
Tuesday, December 5, 2017
1:00 p.m.
Orange Park Medical Center
2001 Kingsley Avenue
Orange Park, FL
Register Here