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Real World Event After Action Template

This “Real-World” after-action report template is a modified Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program AAR template. This template was developed by the Northeast Florida Healthcare Coalition for healthcare facilities (non-hospital) to use to evaluate the effectiveness of healthcare facility Plans that have been activated as a result of a real-world event (not an exercise). The template provides direction on what should be included within each section of the document.

The template has the following sections to address:
Real World Event Overview
Analysis of Plan Activation (includes a summary of Plan performance)
Strengths and Areas for Improvement
Improvement Plan Matrix (highlights issue areas and the corrective action to be taken) 

Any questions regarding this AAR template can be directed to Eric Anderson, Sr. Planner at 904-279-0880 or

Healthcare Facility (non hospital) - After Action Report Improvement Plan Template   
(MS Word Template)
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August 22-23, 2019
FDOH – State Laboratory and Vital Statistics Complex 
1217 N. Pearl Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202

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The Health Center Resiliency Bootcamp is a 2-day training designed for organizations with existing emergency plans or mandates requiring plans be developed (such as FQHCs). Participants complete documents throughout the training that are specific to their organization and can be integrated into existing plans. The training will conclude with a tabletop exercise that meets CMS requirements.

Course Schedule

Day 1
Planning Strategies - Foundational preparedness concepts and the importance of improving effective and efficient decision making
Program Management - Emergency Management Committee, Incident Command System, Succession Planning and Emergency Operations Center
Communications - Internal and External Communications
Essentials Services - Defining essential services during and immediately after a disaster, limitations and expansions in services

Day 2
Staffing - Identifying staffing needs and operations with limited staffing
Resources - On-hand resources, procuring resources, supply chain
Partnerships - Discuss partnerships with local organizations and other health facilities
Tabletop Exercise - Discussion based exercise to test emergency plans created during training

Questions, please contact: Eric Anderson, Coalition Coordinator 
  Email: Office: (904) 279-0880