General Membership
The general membership of the Northeast Florida Healthcare Coalition are made up of multi-discipline, multi-jurisdictional partners. These include public, private and governmental agencies that are a part of the overall healthcare system in the six county region. Disciplines include, but are not limited to: Health Providers, Medical First Responders, Public Health officials, Emergency Management, to name a few.

The Coalition aims for  active involvement from the following health and medical system partners within the Coalition’s boundaries:

  • Public Health agencies*
  • Emergency Management agencies*
  • Hospitals*
  • Emergency Medical System (EMS) agencies (public and private, including Fire Department-based)*
  • Federally Qualified Health Centers and Community Health Centers
  • Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, and Group Homes
  • Home healthcare industry
  • Dialysis and ambulatory surgical agencies
  • Blood banks, stand-alone medical laboratories and poison control agencies
  • Medical Examiners and funeral homes
  • Mental health/behavioral health providers
  • Healthcare associations and professional medical associations
  • Pharmacies and pharmacy associations
  • Primary care providers and walk-in clinics
  • Higher education agencies directly involved in healthcare profession education
  • Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) units
  • Volunteer organizations with a health and medical mission (Red Cross or similar)
  • Community organizations with a health and medical mission
  • Faith-based or non-profit organizations
  • Private organizations with a health and medical system role

The overarching goal of the NEFLHCC is to minimize the impacts of a disaster to the overall public health network through a framework of regional planning and coordination. Members benefit by receiving information, access to and resources for disaster planning, training and exercises. 

If interested in recieiving additional information about the Coalition , its functions or mission, please contact an Executive Board member or use the Contact page for your request.